Summer Lake Inn, Summer Lake, Oregon

Summer Lake Inn is the premier full-service inn of Southeastern Oregon

Summer Lake Inn sits on an expansive site poised between the forested heights of Winter Ridge on the west and desert wetlands on the east. Wonderful meals and excellent accommodations are your base for explorations while the deep blue skies and crystalline air invigorate your stay. The surrounding area is rich with petroglyphs and other evidence of previous visitors and inhabitants. You can explore this land of rich wildlife and stunning beauty while enjoying great food and warm hospitality.

Imagine a summer stay at a first-class inn in your own cabin treated to gourmet meals prepared with an expert hand blending fresh flavors....or you can cook your own meals in a fully furnished kitchen....your choice of wines to accompany and a hot tub to relax in for planning the next day's adventures. Will you choose flyfishing, rockhounding, unraveling petroglyphs, birdwatching, hiking, biking the quiet country roads, exploring the ridgeline, hunting, flyfishing for trophy trout, horseback riding, or simply relaxing in the sun? No matter...

Great adventures awaiting you at the inn: gourmet meals, hand-built cabins, corrals for your horses, flyfishing, hunting, birding, nature walks, and incredible skies. Drop by often, this site will be your guide to the accommodations, cuisine, and outdoor adventures destined to be your heart's delight and a treasured secret to share with a few good friends.

Summer Lake Inn
31501 Highway 31
Summer Lake, Oregon 97640